evilest just want every less good less evil to lie down That how you have to read my poor English to show my suck, because anyone less go 酒店打工od than me already died - lie down-gone or slaved by American 土地買賣 werewolves controlled lie of hells, no way out. That how your entire Earth 賣房子 must be burned down by the hottest Sun when you see me to die as a loser, because I die as a los 系統傢俱er must mean there's no best Faithful Christian in this World, less evil no way to get help from that First Class 節能燈具English best reader, not mention to be saved by that Chinese Christian called "Joe.10.Drew". ------------------------------------------------ 房地產-------------------------------------------------------good American must not ever leave USA behind Why? Because good American must be faithful Christian, must 婚禮佈置have no dare leave USA behind to have any personal fun while so many poor American cannot even have that American time and US Dollar to enjoy USA most updated Las Vigas tasteful fo 西裝外套od room games, not mention expensive Disney Hotels; must have no shame to go out to suck while their sucking US liar Bill Clinton and his co-liar Hillary Clinton can have that shameless suck to ge 部落格t rid out of their sucking accountable crime of lie, not mention their sucking crime of lie of sex.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 部落格  .
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